A543796 – Save Lord Howe Island – Response

Notice of Publication – Species Impact Statement for the LHI Rodent Eradication Project

The Lord Howe Island Board (LHIB) is proposing to undertake the Lord Howe Island Rodent Eradication Project (REP) to eradicate introduced rats and mice from Lord Howe Island, NSW. The REP will require a Section 91 license under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (the Act).

Under the requirements of Section 96(5) of the Act, the LHIB has published the Species Impact Statement (SIS).

The SIS and associated appendices can be viewed, without charge, online or at the following locations:

Lord Howe Island Board Administrative Offices, Bowker Avenue, Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island Museum, Lagoon Road, Lord Howe Island

Office of Local Government, Level 9, 6-10 O’Connell St, Sydney

Interested persons and organisations are invited to comment in writing on the SIS by

5 PM (AEDT time) Monday 20 March 2017.

Written submissions can be sent to:


Fax: 02 6563 2127 Or

Posted to: Lord Howe Island Board, PO Box 5, Lord Howe Island, NSW, 2898

Persons with special needs (i.e. for whom English is a second language or who have a vision impairment) may contact Andrew Walsh on (02) 6563 2066 for assistance in accessing the material.

Should you require any further information, please contact me Andrew Walsh on (02) 6563 2066.

Andrew Logan


Date: 17 February 2017


Application for Section 91 Licence PDF 125 KB

LHI Rodent Eradication Project NSW Species Impact Statement (SIS) PDF 3.1 MB

Appendix A – SIS Director General Requirements PDF 5.2 MB

Appendix B – SIS Director General Requirements Checklist PDF 1 MB

Appendix C – Captive Management Package PDF 2.6 MB

Appendix D – LHI Trials Package PDF 2.1 MB

Appendix E – Non-target Impact Management Plan PDF 505 KB

Appendix F – Masked Owl Package PDF 2.8 MB

Appendix G – Biodiversity Benefits Monitoring Package PDF 3.9 MB

Appendix H – LHI Biodiversity Management Plan 2007 PDF 4 MB

Appendix I – Island Eradications Using Pestoff PDF 425 KB

Appendix J – Marine Hypothetical Scenario PDF 363 KB

Appendix K – Land Snail Survey 2016 PDF 1.3 MB